Discipline / PIPS

We expect the normal standards of good behaviour in our school and, therefore, punishment is not normally necessary. However, if a more serious or persistent breach of school discipline occurs, it will be dealt with appropriately and in accordance with the guidelines laid down in the school’s Behaviour Support policy.

The Director of Education has advised that the following statement regarding “Health and Safety and Pupil Behaviour” is included in all school prospectuses:

“It is vital that parents and pupils are aware that certain codes of behaviour are required to be followed, particularly in specialist areas such as laboratories and workshops where more hazards are present. Under the Health and Safety at Work Act, the City Council has responsibility to provide instruction, information, training and supervision for its staff, ie teacher, etc, and they in turn pass on their knowledge and expertise in the course of their teaching.

However, if a pupil consistently flouts the procedures laid down and explained by staff, and another person is injured or suffers damage to property as a result of such behaviour, the pupils and not the LA may be held personally liable in any future claim for compensation. I feel it is only fair to bring this to your attention since the staff are not always able to impress the need for safe working procedures and behaviour on all pupils.”


On rare occasions pupils exhibit challenging behaviour that requires intervention and physical restraint. For such instances the staff at Lipson Vale have been fully trained in Passive Intervention and Prevention Strategies (PIPS). The principles underpinning PIPS are that safety is paramount and is equal for both children and staff and that the skills of guiding, safe touch, holding and restraint are acts of care which combine with calming, diffusing and problem solving. Under Part 7 of the Education and Inspections Act (2006), staff may use such force as is reasonable in the circumstances for the purpose of preventing a pupil from committing an offence, causing personal injury to, or damage to the property of, any person (including the pupil themselves), or prejudicing the maintenance of good order and discipline at the school or among any pupils receiving education at the school.