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Home Learning

Reading forms an essential part of homework, the school uses a “Home/School Reading Record” booklet.  This has proved very successful, and is designed to complement reading skills taught in school. We operate a homework policy which conforms to legislation in connection with the Home/School Agreement, and government suggestions regarding amount and nature of homework.


All children, including Foundation (when they are ready to do so), are given fiction and non-fiction books to take home to read with their parents.

In Foundation and KS1, this is done at the direction of the teacher, especially in the early stages, where the help parents are able to offer their children with this important skill is recognised to be of great value.  Additionally, comprehension cards may be provided to assist parents in helping their children to develop their understanding of books as well as decoding the print. 


The school hopes that all parents encourage their children to take good care of school property, both in and out of school.  Book folders are available on sale at school, which are waterproof and (almost) childproof!

In addition to reading, homework for children at Key Stage 1 includes aspects of mathematics, vocabulary extension, and project related tasks. This work develops and increases during the KS1 years and in the Junior classes includes elements of the core subjects as well as project work and reading. 

To view or download your child's home learning grid and spellings, please visit the student home learning page.

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