We're delighted to be able to share some of the musical performance pieces that our pupils have been working on this term...

Kemi & Charlotte. Old Joe Clark.🔥
Michael. Skip it Lou 🔥

We are always delighted with you musical enthusiasm, interest and perseverance in your music instrumental work and although you will not be having your weekly instrumental lessons or the music ensemble experience of playing in our orchestra,  it doesn't mean that your skills cannot move forward. Here are some ideas.


  1. Set up a routine of practice,look through your favourite pieces. Aim to look at 2 new pieces a week. Set up a practise area, with your music and instrument. Write down in your practice diary what have you practised and how you have improved.

  2. Aim to perform one of your pieces to your family, making sure it's up to concert standard.

  3. Improve your reading music skills. Use the information we have covered in lessons but this site has online activities and ideas to help you improve your confidence and fluency in reading music.

  4. Look at BBC ten pieces and select on piece each week.  You have all really enjoyed looking and learning from  these in our music lessons at school, build up your musical general knowledge each week by visiting this site:

We are all disappointed that the Spring Concert is not taking place but  we will return to many of your pieces and will make sure that at some point they will be performed.  A special mention to all of our year 6 music students, from our orchestra and choir.  Thankyou for all your hard work and commitment, keep enjoying your music.


Kind regards ,


Mrs Fice , Mr Pettit, Miss Renouf