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Attendance and Admissions

Please make sure that your children attend regularly and punctually.

Late arrival affects not only your own child but the remainder of the class as well, so please make every effort to ensure your child arrives on time. All late arrivals must call at the school office to register and explain their lateness. Repeated lateness will lead to a visit from the Educational Welfare Officer. If your child is absent from school, you should adopt the following procedure:

  1. Telephone or e-mail the school on the first day of absence.

  2. Keep the school informed of progress if the absence is longer than three days;

  3. Send a letter to school giving brief details on his/her return if the illness is an extended one.


If a child has to leave the school during school time to attend the dentist, doctor, etc, please give your child’s teacher prior notice of this in writing and arrange for the child to be collected from school by a responsible adult, who is named on your S11 form. This arrangement also applies to the lunch period if your child stays to school dinners or takes packed lunches.

Recent legislation has clarified the interpretation of the term “unauthorised absence”, and includes:

  1. Any absence for which no explanation is received

  2. Any explained absence which does not meet the criteria e.g. children taken shopping, parent overslept etc.

  3. Lateness – after register closes.

The Governors would like to point out that the Government’s term for unauthorised absence is truancy, and that unauthorised absences are recorded as such. Furthermore, in cases of continued lateness or unauthorised absence the school in conjunction with the Education Welfare Service may issue a penalty notice, with a fine of £60.00 per parent per child rising to £120 per parent per child if not paid within 28 days.

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