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Cup Winners

McIver Cup
Dwayne B-J -  Dwayne reads at home consistently and has made so much progress in RWI already this academic year. He participates enthusiastically in phonic lessons and is always a keen reader when we read for pleasure in class. Thank you for enjoying your reading.

H Cup

Heidi A -Heidi always works hard in class and enjoys her learning. She comes into school with a smile on her face every day and shows a true desire to achieve and improve her learning. Thank you for being a wonderful ray of sunshine in the Mussels class.

Harris Cup

Jackson S - Jackson is always keen to help and look after other children in our class. He has also been a supportive friend to new pupils this year too. He is always offering to help adults and is keen to carry out class jobs too. Thank you so much for being such a kind member of our class. 

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