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Cup Winners

McIver Cup
Nate H - Nate is an enthusiastic reader. He enjoys reading a range texts but especially non-fiction books. We always enjoy hearing the new facts he has learnt. He has an impressive reading age of  9 Years and 8 months. What a super reader! 

H Cup
Faizah R - Faizah always works hard in class and enjoys her learning. She comes into school with a smile on her face every day and shows a true desire to achieve and improve her learning. Thank you for being a such a hardworking and enthusiastic member of the class. 

Harris Cup
Nathan W -  Nathan is always such a kind and caring member of the class. He thinks of others constantly, offering to help and support his peers on the playground and during independent learning tasks. He is such a positive and enthusiastic learner and and a joy to have in class! 

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