Heart & Hands

Ethos Statement

What Do We Aim To Do?

Develop a sense of self respect, self confidence and self reliance, with the ability to work hard and succeed at tasks.

To encourage all members of the school community to participate in and contribute to group and team activities, to accept responsibilities and to develop self awareness and self discipline leading to independence.

Acknowledge that each member of the school community has equal right regardless of race, gender, background, religious belief or ability and that these rights are worthy of respect and extend beyond the school.

Enable all members of the school community to appreciate the spiritual and cultural diversity of our society and to treat such issues with due tolerance, interest and respect.

Develop a reasoned set of personal attitudes and beliefs and an understanding of society and the rights and responsibilities that come with being a member of that society.

Develop lively enquiring minds together with a positive wish to learn, to question and to argue rationally and to apply themselves intelligently to tasks.

Our School Rules created by the Pupils of the School:

  • Look Smart, Think Smart, Eat Smart, Be Smart

  • Respect yourself and the whole school community

  • Respect the school building and environment.

  • Be caring, courteous and considerate at all times.

  • Listen, speak and take part at the correct times.

  • Do your best to give 100%

Our School Playground Rules created by the Pupils of the School:

  • Be a friend not a bully.

  • Care for other people, yourself, the playground and equipment.

  • At playtimes and lunchtimes put the equipment away appropriately.

  • Listen for the whistle. When it blows, stand still and follow instructions.

  • Do not go inside school unless you have permission to do so.

  • Treat each other and adults with respect.