Headteacher's Welcome

Mr Peter Lewis-Cole

Lipson Vale Primary School is a school that works hard to be the hub of its local community. It was built in 1953 and has since undergone three phases of extension and modernisation. It is a two form entry school and provides accommodation for up to 420 pupils and 75 staff. There are 14 classes, with two classes in Foundation, four in KS1 and eight in KS2.We have worked hard over recent years to create an educational environment which is stimulating and empowering, as well as safe and secure – a school that is fit for purpose. We value the opinions of our school community; the children, parents, staff, visitors and governors, and in partnership work together for the good of everyone. We have included some helpful links to support with home learning and also some of our key policies and procedures. We hope that as you investigate this website you will discover a school that has the child at its centre. We all care passionately about education and recognise that our role is to provide opportunities that will encourage the children in our school to become lifelong learners with the capacity to show humility, intelligence and self belief. If after exploring the website you have unanswered questions then feel free to contact the school and arrange a visit. We would be delighted to meet you and show you around. 

Meet the Teachers

Marsh C Use This.png
Mrs C Marsh
Deputy Head
Whittaker C.png
Mr C Whittaker
Head of Foundation
Daz Lightend.bmp
Mr D Moore
Head of KS1
Year 2
Welsh K.png
Miss K Welsh
Head of KS2
Year 6
Jones V.png
Miss V Jones
Catch-up Support
Hardy R.png
Mrs R Hardy
Year 1
Hooper S.png
Mrs S Low
Year 3
C Shrimpton.jpg
Mr C Shrimpton
Year 5
Mrs S Gill
Year 6 Conferencing
Worth C.png
Miss C Worth Foundation
Daz Lightend.bmp
Mr D Moore
Year 2
A Peacock.png
Mr A Peacock
Year 4
Petty E.png
Mr E Petty
Year 5
Samantha De Whytell.png
Ms S De Whytell
LKS2 Conferencing
H Kett.jpg
Miss H Kett
Year 1
Buckland S.png
Miss S Buckland
Year 2
Kaar V.png
Miss V Kaar
Year 4
Anne West lightend.bmp
Mrs A West
Year 6
Tew L.png
Mrs L Tew
PPA Cover
Mrs K Barras
Year 1
Forster L.png
Mrs L Foster
Year 3
Wilkinson J.png
Mrs J Wilkinson
Year 4
Fice C.png
Mrs C Fice
PPA and Music