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At Lipson Vale we follow the National Curriculum. Click on a subject below to find out about our approach to developing learning overtime in each area. 

Our curriculum is structured across the school so that learning is revisited regularly and new learning is built on top of previous learning and connections are clearly made. Our curriculum progressions have been put together using 'Generative Learning' principles. Through this approach we carefully consider how learning is constructed and remembered over time. An overview of what this might look like in our classrooms can be found here.

As well as that, we carefully structure our lessons and sequences of lessons to ensure that all pupils can access age appropriate learning, are challenged to think deeply and that connections are made between what they already know and new learning. We have adapted our approach using the 'Rosenshine Principles'. An example of what this might look like in the classroom can be found here.

Click on the links below to see the curriculum on offer in each year group.

Curriculum Maps

Generative Learning

Curriculum Statement

Rosenshine Principles

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