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At LVPS, we understand that Maths underpins all areas of life. Our Maths curriculum is taught with rigour, ensuring the fundamentals of arithmetic are coupled with the skills needed for reasoning and problem solving in real life scenarios. 

Our Maths curriculum follows the White Rose Maths Hub scheme of work. White Rose Maths Hub are the leading provider of primary maths schemes in the UK and ensure all their schemes of work follow the new curriculum closely, whilst also ensuring a wide range of Maths skills and understanding are developed in children of all ages.

Below you will find overviews of the calculation methods we use as well as progression maps for the different strands of the Maths curriculum.

If you would like further information about the teaching of Maths, please contact Miss Cusack or Miss Kaar, our Maths subject leads.

Calculation Policies

Calculation overview - White Rose

Calculation policy with images - WR

To view the full Maths policy, please click here to visit our School Policies page.

Progression Maps

Addition and Subtraction

Multiplication and Division


Ratio and Proportion



Properties of Shapes

Geometry, Position and Direction


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