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Music is built into the fabric of Lipson Vale Primary School. We were delighted to see that this was recognised and celebrated in our recent inspection from Ofsted. Our music curriculum received a positive recognition of it’s prominent part at Lipson Vale, as well as the quality of provision to develop individual musicality. Pupil‘s music lessons are delivered by a specialist music lead in a very new music space, 'The Lipson Bus'. This space is now a positive learning environment for children to explore, develop and embrace a range of music skills.  Teaching is delivered in a curriculum which makes strong links with each class’ current focus, is challenging and rich in first hand musical experience. 

Alongside our music curriculum, we run our ever-popular primary orchestra and school choir. These are both regularly attended by children in Key Stage 2, who are always enthusiastic, committed and motivated to succeed. Our musical groups are encouraged to take part in performances including our annual Carol Service, Spring Concert and our end of year leaver’s play. Our talented musical groups have also performed in the city centre, taken part in competitions and visit hospitals and care homes throughout the year.


We have many instrumental teachers leading weekly session for the violin, keyboard, piano, drums, clarinet, flute, guitar and cornet. We also have close musical links with Lipson Co-operative Academy, supporting a positive and smooth transition when children move up to secondary level.

Click here for our Music knowledge progression document 

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