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Physical Education

At Lipson Vale Primary School, we believe in developing the whole child: mentally, physically and academically, as we feel these areas are of equal importance. Throughout the year, we have invested in high-quality, future-proof equipment to ensure every child at LVPS has the best possible opportunity to participate in a variety of sports. 

Every child at LVPS participates in two sessions of PE a week: one indoors, which is usually based around gymnastics, dance or multi-skills as well as an outdoors session. This will mostly focus on acquiring the skills for, and playing a range of, competitive team sports as well as different athletic skills. We are fortunate to receive expert teaching from a sports coach, who is a member of Plymouth Argyle Community Trust. As well as delivering high-quality PE lessons, the PAFC coaches work closely with our teachers, through the Primary Stars Programme, to guide and support them in teaching their own PE lessons.

In Y3 and Y4, children attend a three week, daily, swimming course in place of their indoor PE session. We aim to provide a catch-up swimming course for children who need it in Y6.

In addition to our weekly PE lessons, there are daily sports clubs run by sports coaches, which provide access to a wide range of sporting activities. These also enable children to be part of teams and we take part in many competitions and tournaments run within the city. We provide a lunchtime sports club, which is run by our Plymouth Argyle coach, to provide children with the opportunity to exert their energy!

In the Summer Term, we provide an opportunity for all of the children to participate in a fun-filled sports day, which is packed with a range of activities and games. 

Click here for our PE knowledge progression document 

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