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Grenville House Update

It's been an energetic start to the week at Grenville House. After a smooth journey, a quick run through the what's what in the house and a picnic lunch, we went straight to work on raft building. Secure(ish) in the knowledge that our rafts wouldn't sink, we donned our wetsuits and headed down the slipway for some raft-based games and acrobatic competition in the water.

After a hearty dinner, we had some down time in the house before hitting the beach for some evening entertainment. Being a thoroughly creative bunch, this mostly consisted of throwing rocks into the sea. We also had the opportunity to buy ice creams and souvenirs in the shop, with Mr Petty and Mr Peacock working hard to supervise (evidence provided below).

After a remarkably sensible night's sleep, we awoke to a somewhat rainy Brixham. This didn't dampen spirits one bit of course and we set off for caving and stand up paddleboarding before lunch. We have already been so impressed with the courage and determination shown during the tasks - the children have all done themselves proud in this regard. When they show the same focus and brilliance tidying up after themselves, we will know it is a job well done ;-)! Happily, the weather picked up after lunch, and whilst the sun put his hat on we headed out for more fun on the kayaks and high ropes.

As I write, they are all burning off some excess energy in the playground, but will be drawn in shortly by the delicious smell of curry radiating from the kitchen.

We've included a small selection of pictures, but most will come with the CD on our return.

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