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Grenville House Update 2

Another action packed day today. This morning another two groups went caving, whilst the other three got a taste of coasteering along the sunny coastline towards Berry Head. The cavers tackled some of the more tricky sections (the cheese grater!) with glee and returned to the surface suitably covered from head to toe in orange mud. Those out on the water clambered, splashed and dived about, displaying both courage and frivolity in equal measure.

This afternoon the good weather continued. Three groups were out and about on the water again in open-top canoes, visiting the other side of Brixham harbour and the headland's current residents - two attention-seeking seals! The other half were on high ropes and despite a slow start, they absolutely smashed it. There were nerves, a few tears and some very wobbly legs, but their achievements by the end of the session were remarkable and they all came away feeling pretty chuffed with themselves.

This evening we hit the beach again, where we were paid a visit by another friendly seal, before heading back for some home made chocolate cake.

So Wednesday has come and gone and somehow we're already over the halfway mark. Ready the blankets, takeaways and hugs - we'll be back before you know it.

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