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Grenville House Update 3

What a week! It seems like an age since we were building rafts on our first day - it's been non-stop since then and we've packed so much in. Too much, in fact, to sum up in a quick blog post but we'll do our best to update you on the last couple of days.

By Thursday our meteorological luck was supposed to be up with the rotten weather descending on Brixham. Alas, bar a brief shower mid-morning it wasn't to be and our good fortune continued. During the morning, some groups tried their hand at problem-solving whilst others were coasteering and caving. Then in the afternoon the problem-solvers hit the water on stand up paddle boards, whilst the others had a go at problem-solving.

As a change from our usual beach trips, we went for our traditional walk along the breakwater in the evening to discover we couldn't get to the end due to major building works on the sea defences. Not to be deflated, we all reverted to our three-year-old selves and spent a good fifteen minutes watching the big digger lift the rocks around!

Once back at the house, we got the hot chocolates on the go and split into teams for the unofficial 'LVPS Anti-talent Quiz'. Despite having no clue what was to come, expectations and spirits were high as the games commenced. A hour later, and team Diperlodocolus had shown a heady mix of creativity, skill and complete lack of shame to become the victorious owners of the coveted winners medals.

This morning the weather finally descended, but only for the walk up to Berry Head. Once there, the skies cleared for our final task - orienteering. The teams worked well to find even the most tricky markers and we returned to the house for a final picnic lunch before heading home.

It has been a sensational week and we're so proud of all the children. They've each had different highlights and things they've been working on. But all of them have arrived home a little more determined, a little more mature and, I hope, vastly more aware of what they can achieve if they truly put their minds to a challenge.

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