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Virtual Reality Workshops

On the 14th October, Year 5 were extremely fortunate to receive a visit from staff of the University of Birmingham. Professor Robert Stone and his trusted colleagues were tasked with keeping year 5 entertained for the afternoon and it is fair to say they achieved their goal. Saddled with numerous computers and technological equipment, Bob and his team set up shop in the year 5 classrooms. They brought with them the highest spec of virtual reality equipment that made the experience an unforgettable one for the pupils in year 5.

Through the haze of excitement and intrigue, Bob managed to explain that he was a professor, whose job was to create games and ideas in the form of virtual reality. Perhaps most interestingly, the team had brought with them a brand-new game that was going to be used as a distraction technique for children in hospital who were having their bandages changed.

Once the introductions (and many, many questions) were over, it was time to play! Altogether, there were 7 different stations set up for the children to play with and explore. One of the most exciting stations was entitled the ‘wicked rollercoaster’ and when wearing this headset, you were transported in to a theme park style world whilst being thrust from pillar to post (virtually of course) until you reach the climax of the journey, which is best described as a replica of the Pepsi Max in Blackpool. This ride felt so real that Bob demanded that you are seated throughout the experience!

After the thrill of the ‘Wicked Rollercoaster’, came the tranquillity of the David Attenborough inspired virtual reality game. Although Attenborough himself could not join year 5 on the day, he had worked closely with Birmingham University to create an animal themed game that allowed you to flick your wrist in a motion that sent Octopus and other sea creatures flying!

Overall, Year 5 had an incredible afternoon with Bob and his team. Not only did they get a glimpse at the technology of the future but they also had an amazing time playing with brand new equipment whilst being transported in to whole new worlds!

We thank Bob and his team for making the trip to Plymouth.

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