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Year 1 Naughty Bus Adventure

Year 1 are learning about toys this half term! We have just started the book ‘Naughty Bus’ and had the chance to take our very own naughty London buses on an adventure!

During the immersive phase the children have been acting out the story and describing the adventure.

Today we took our buses to the bus stop – where we made our own bus stops. Next, the travelled over to the pond – where they looked at their reflection but got a bit too close and fell in! Silly buses!

We then travelled to the table for some breakfast. Our buses played in the beans and got very messy!

The dirty bus couldn’t go to bed without a shower! So, we scrubbed and polished our buses with water before drying them and giving them a goodnight cuddle!

Even though the bus was naughty, we still loved them!

Next week we will be making up our own adventure for the bus to go on!

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