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Science at Lipson Vale Primary School follows the National Curriculum 2014. We want every child to view themselves our scientists throughout their school career and develop into great scientific thinkers.


Our ambition is to allow our pupils to explore whilst working scientifically in our indoor and outside spaces around school. Our scientific work is based on the National Curriculum with clear progression throughout year groups. Our pupils get to experience a wide variety of fascinating experiences and experiments throughout their Science learning. Our pupils will follow their learning through
answering key learning questions to enable them to explore their current topic and allow them to
make links between topics and year groups - for example “What happens if the sun stops
shining?” (Year 2 Living Things and their Habitats). We like to make our science lessons as hands on and practical as possible allowing our pupils to learn in a variety of different ways, we enjoy taking our pupils on STEM learning excursions and have links with local schools to allow visitors to teach our pupils their specialism.

Click here for our Science knowledge progression document 

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