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A Poem for Father's Day

We were sent a beautiful and moving poem that has been commissioned by the Young City Laureate and written specifically with those whose family members are in the armed forces in mind. Holly, the poet, is a Military Kids Club member herself and her dad is a veteran.

Dear soldier

By Holly Peters

A shadow of camouflage, a kiss on the forehead,

A train swallowed by grey clouds.

Blue letters waiting on the welcome mat,

Marched half-way across the globe,

Sun and sea and sand and rain.

A spill of x’s and o’s, drawings and lists.

Tracing the big looping letters,

Picturing the worlds that they were written in,

Addresses and postage stamps from so far away.

Dreams scribbled on the flimsy paper,

Countdowns scrawled on walls,

Wishing away waiting days.

Riding our bikes, clear summer sky

Interrupted by trails of planes

In the shapes of kisses – a message.

We miss you too.

Thick leather boots, cracking at the toes,

Well worn,

Gleaming medals and the too big

Beret that droops over my eyes.

Racing the train, soles slapping against the platform,

Hoping we could sprout wings and chase after him,

Bring them home.

We could stay up late,

Whether the sky was baby blue or deep navy,

Like a giant he’d march through the door.

Running to him, taking off,

Words like shooting stars,

Never letting go.

Until the next time.

Dear Dad,

All my love,

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