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Lipson Vale Travels the World!

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Many of us have not been able to travel or explore for the last year, however that has not stopped the children at Lipson Vale Primary School from learning all about countries thousands of miles away!

As part of our International Work, we wanted each year group to pick another country to learn about (both at home and in school) and to share this knowledge with the rest of the school.

We have been so impressed with the work produced - we have had everything from life size lego Leaning Towers of Pisa' to magical Chinese Dragons produced by the children and their families.

Have a look at some snippets of our learning across the school!

Here are the countries that we 'travelled' to:

Year 1: China

Year 2: Brazil

Year 3: Italy

Year 4: Jamaica

Year 5: New Zealand

Year 6: Ghana

The children didn't just learn about the tourist parts of the country - they learned about the history and traditions. Year 5 rewrote traditional Maori tales based on The Whale Rider, and Year 6 even achieved the Bronze Link Your Life Together Award from their research about Ghana!

Thank you to everyone at Lipson Vale Primary School for your support with this project! Maybe one day we will get to visit some of these amazing countries!

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