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LVPS Christmas Fair

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

There aren’t many events in the year that create as much excitement as

Christmas, and while school has been buzzing with nativity and carol service

practices the PTFA have been on the go, organising and setting up the biggest

fundraiser in our year; The Christmas Fair.

As always, the Fair was opened by our very special guest in the big red suit -

Santa. He even brought some snow with him! He then settled himself in the

grotto, where he met with over a hundred children to find out exactly what

they would like for Christmas.

Those who weren’t patiently waiting to speak to Santa got busy with our many

games and stalls; searching for runaway Gingerbread men, ‘stealing’ from the

Grinch’s Christmas tree, buying books and toys from the numerous kindly

donated or purchasing little stocking fillers from the many traders joining us

for the evening.

In the hall, Christmas music made for a cheery background. While families

enjoyed festive food and drink, the school choir took the opportunity to

showcase a few of their Christmas songs ahead of the big Carol Service at

Emmanuel Church. The non-alcoholic mulled wine was delicious, especially

when accompanied by a mince pie.

The Christmas Fair wouldn’t have been complete without our big raffle. Mrs

Marsh did a fantastic job, helped this year by Miss Marsh on the raffle table,

and raised a massive £500 towards our total. Mrs Marsh also got to have a bit

of auction fun at the end of the raffle. The giant bear that had been donated

to the fair hadn’t sold and we couldn’t end the evening without finding him a new

home. I’m happy to say he went home with his new family after a frenzied

bidding war!

I am delighted to be able to say that this year’s fair was a great success, raising

just under £1200, every penny of which will be invested back into the school.

Mrs Hardy’s Eco-Warriors group have already purchased an adorable Polar

Bear, who will travel around the school to the classes being most eco-friendly.

A huge thank you again to all involved.

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