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Year 1 Trip to the House of Marbles and Stover Park

On Tuesday Year 1 got to go on an exciting school trip to Stover Country Park and the House of Marbles.

We have been learning about toys old and new in the classroom, so the House of Marbles was the perfect place to take the children to learn about and see toys from many years ago!

At the House of Marbles the children got to see glass ornaments being blown in the workshop, huge marble making machines and they even got to play with the giant marble run. There were so many toys and displays, and lots of delicate glass ornaments – but we made it out without any breakages!

At Stover Country Park both groups worked with Jo, a Ranger at the park. They got to spend 2 hours playing and exploring in the park. The children took part in fun activities including an ‘unnature walk’ where they found objects that didn’t belong in nature, duck feeding, bird watching and a giant quiz game! One group were lucky enough to see a giant buzzard sitting in a nearby tree!

The children loved both activities and learned so much on our trip!

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